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Rune Trantor
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Rune STAMP by Yokufo

Gee, a tag?

Oh well, out of lurking for like a year at last.

Goddammit Yuli. >_>


Rules are pretty simple:

  • 1. Post 8 facts about your character
  • 2. Tag 8 characters and their creators (Implying I have friends)
  • 3. Post the characters names and their creator's avatars. (Implying said non-existing Friends have OCs I know about)


Fine, she asked for Rahnor. A nice change of pace to be sure.


So 8 facts…


1. Rahnor is an orphan, never knew his parents, only the back streets of the city he grew in. A small petty thief, his abilities and cunning made him a gang leader relatively fast, and later on his gang hijacked a freighter with the materials to build a space station, which they then used to make their stronghold in orbit around a pulsar, away from any authority.

2. Despite his current devotion to Rune, their first meeting was far from ideal, Rahnor's gang attacked the star liner Rune, in incognito, was in. When in captivity, Rune managed to calm down the other hostages to avoid a bloodbath, which caught Rahnor's attention, and he rapidly realized who he had in his hold.
He would surrender to Rune as an enemy gang approached to destroy their base and Rune seized control and defended the base until his fleet arrived. By then Rahnor was outgunned, yet was grinning ear to ear.

3. Rahnor is the greatest sharpshooter of the galaxy, and can use all sort of weaponry with deadly accuracy.
This is both due to the centuries he lived as a space pirate and a street thug, but also once he became Rune's Prime Guardian he devoted to master even more weapons and skills to protect him. Being taught by Merrill, the Void Queen certainly helped.

4. As a Ninkan, he holds Rune to semi Deity levels, seeing him as not only a key participant in his race's creation, but as the sole responsible for helping them avoid genocide at the Gene Purge of Earth.
He acts carefree and uninterested in his race's history, but deep down he still catches himself staring at Rune wondering how the hell he got to met a historical figure, let alone be his friends.

5. In a galaxy where immortality is possible, yet everyone chooses to end their lives after a thousand or so years, Rahnor is among the very few that seem to be capable of true immortality.
While most end their life due to fatigue, feelings of having done enough, or just a sense of being from a world now gone as the galaxy advanced past them, Rahnor and the others live on, making them sort of living historical relics, with ages ranging from 4.000 to Rune's own 20.000 years of life.
He remains happy with life, and sees no reason to end it. Though he can understand why Rune feels differently, having spent his first few centuries befriending people that died in the blink of an eye (Life extending medicine not yet developed for everyone else) and then choosing to isolate himself from the rest of the galaxy for over 3.000 more years after that.
He met Rahnor on his first, forced, vacation into the open since then, as if destiny had ordained it. (She probably did)

6. His slightly arrogant, yet carefree and cheerful demeanor is, to a degree, a mask he dons when with Rune, to make him lower his defenses and relax, and to make his life more amusing and memorable, thus pushing the suicidal thoughts away, as it shows that life is worth living still.
In reality he is much more serious and smart than he leads on, but he does still enjoy his mask, as it's also a time for him to relax and enjoy life like he never could.

7. His position makes him be in a great amount of formal events and such, and has learned all high etiquette and how to handle all the fancy dishes served in these parties.
Yet he would much rather rest by the beach or a pool, under the sun, and enjoying a good steak or other meat.
A dog at heart, despite his own protests.

8. As a child, when living in the dark alleys of a capital city, one eventful rainy day, he stole the wallet of a man that seemed important, having guards and all. A balsy move, but one that rewarded him greatly, as the wallet was full of money.
As he was absorbed in his victory, he failed to notice someone approaching, the man he had just robbed had followed him into the alleys, against his guards' security concerns.
Cornered, Rahnor stood to fight, yet the man showed no ill intent, instead kneeling in front of him and asking why he stole.
After a small chat, the man stood, took off his coat and gave it to Rahnor, along with his umbrella, and a promise that he would fix that which had abandoned him, and that he hoped he would give them a second chance.
Days later a galactic wide scandal erupted as data as leaked that the organizations that were tasked with finding and caring for orphans, to help them survive and integrate into society, were corrup to the core and a massive purge ensued.
Rahnor knew the man had kept his word, but he couldnt bring himself to trust those organizations again, so he remained an outlaw, but still kept the coat and umbrella, grateful of the man that helped him when no one else ever did.

Over a thousand years later, a casual remark on his part and an old memory on Rune's made them realize that their first meeting had not been Rune's capture.

Hope you are happy.
If this is too Rune centric, it's because Rahnor's life is basically tied to Rune's, he rarely leaves his side.
Not in vain he is called 'Rune's Shadow' by the other guardians.

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